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Grumpy Horse Ranch & Rescue Inc. has been rescuing horses since 2014 with the simple idea the "someone needs to do something, why shouldn't it be us?"  We take in horses of all ages, breeds and training levels, that just need a safe place to land.  While our ultimate goal is to bring them back to optimum health, retrain them if necessary and then find them their forever home, sometimes that forever home is with us, here in sanctuary.  Our motto here is "It's all about the horses!" 

Meet Dollar, pictured above.  He is one of our personal horses.  A 22 year old registered Paint.  He is demonstrating his "look" that he likes to give to people and the reason his nickname is grumpy... so when we were trying to think of a name for our rescue, the fact that we had a permanent grumpy horse just stuck, and it took off from there!!

It's All About the Horses!

Why is it called Grumpy Horse?

  • How are adoption fees determined?
    • Case by case, depending on the horses condition.  All horses need wormed, shots, farrier, vet visits and feed. 
  • So, why do I have to pay an adoption fee?
    • Adoption fees don't even begin to cover the amount of money that we spend on each rescue.  But that is not what is important.  Adoption fees show us that you are willing to commit to an animal and help us to recoup some of the money that we have put into rehab for the horse.
  • Why do I have to come meet the horse before I can adopt it?
    • We are firm believers in the statement that  "the horse picks its owner".  That is why we require you to come visit the horse before committing to its adoption.  WE want to make sure that your new forever friend and you have that special bond and get along.  After all , it is all about the horses.

Riding Lessons ----------------------- $25/hour

Horse Training -------------------- $300/month

     (Your horse, boarded at our facility, pasture board.)

Adoption Services - All with an approved contract

Project Horses i.e. train your way -----------  $400

Pasture Companions -----------------------  $400

Broke to ride horses ---------------------- $600 - $1,000